Marianne Vedder:

Producer&Songwriter associated with Artist Pro organisation
BUMA/Stemra & SENA in the Netherlands
Label : CSFdeepinnerMusic

Cozmicsoulfire art
Cozmicsoulfire – You gotta be real (currently streamed over 34.500 on Spotify is the biggest hit on Spotify up to date!) Dropped 22 july 2022
A soulful and powerful heart-tugging motivational & uplifting pop/electro/dance song
Cover Artwork made by Jerome Coleman.
Finalist Best international music video 2023 Issa Songwriters Awards

“Power in me” CSFdeepinnerMusic 2022 has that 80’s & 90s synth pop feel, groovy,
catchy lyrics flowing from start to finish.
straddling the sweet connect between energy and inspiration.
An upbeat, danceable, singable anthem
motivational and poetic, with a moving vocal delivery.

Cozmicsoulfire – Call out my name is a world ambient eclectic love song
with Kate Bush vibes out on all portals since 29 november 2021.
That did amazingly well on spotifyplaylists , radiostations and amongst her fans.
White Lace (2021) was a collaboration
with USA based songwriter Kevin Nevel
It is a rock blues pop song,brimming with passion
in a belting vocal delivery
about the life of Marilyn Monroe
Style reminds of Bonnie Raitt and Alannah Miles
The single “Love like thunder” (2021)
is a pop crossover dance song with an 80’s feel
handling on Romance & Longing for the love of your life to come around.
The official video was Finalist best international music video of 2021 in ISSA songwriters awards contest
and Marianne was finalist Emerging international artist 2021 on the Issa awards contest.
The Dance&The Love Compilation (Click on coverart to play in Spotify)
of the best songs
of We2are1 cd and One Man Guerilla cd composed,vocals
and produced by Marianne Vedder between 2001 and 2005
for CSFdeepinnerMusic Re-released in 2019 on all portals.
“I adore you DanceRemix” CSFdeepinnerMusic through Songtradr distribution
Released 19 Oktober 2019 on all major portals worldwide
Appears on the Global Connectivity The Gold Edition 2020 TraxFree
various artists compilation album.
“I adore you” pop/electro/dance track
CSFdeepinnerMusic through Songtradr distribution
Released 7 december 2018 on all major portals worldwide
“She makes me smile (nanana)” CSFdeepinnerMusic through Songtradr distribution
Released 21 september 2018 on portals worldwide
“THEY DON’T CARE (about you)” Rock/Metal protestsong
Released 25 april 2018 CSFdeepinnerMusic
“So Gorgeous” – Cozmicsoulfire/CSFdeepinnerMusic (Click on coverart to play in Spotify)
out june 2015 on Itunes & Spotify,Aurovine,Tidal,Deezer,SplashFlood,OneAvenue.tv etc
also distributed through Musik&Film record company to over a 1000 download portals worldwide.

So Gorgeous singles:

“Rain,rain,rain pouring down on me” was nr.1 in dutch top 100 for all genres on numberonemusic.com november 2016.

“Reptile” the single that coincides the new cd release was 6 weeks hitting into the IndieXl.nl free top 40 charts in The Netherlandsand was holding number 1 in dutch top 100 metal chart for weeks on Numberonemusic.com

“The Queen” death metal/Rock song which did very well in the Aurovine Charts.

“What it is like” Rock song has over 7,904,586 on going views&plays on youtube
and was chosen for the wellknown mattrix mixtape nr.6 fall 2016 out of thousands of submissions!
The international jury of WWMC – 4th Edition 2017, has awarded Cozmicsoulfire – What it is like
the Honorable Mention for the top five music video among about 600 submitted.
and is played several times daily together with “Reptile” and
“Rain,rain,rain pouring down on me” which is the So Gorgeous Album single and video
was number 1 in dutch top 100 of all genres on Numberonemusic.com november 2016
on the 13 stations of the late 365 Radio Network http://365radionetwork.com
and lots of other radiostations worldwide
the song & video Reptile had massive radioairplay worldwide
and reached number 1 on the dutch metal top 100 on numberonemusic.com for weeks.

“I can do it now” and “This is life” also got a lot of radio attention but were never officialy released on single

“Poison” – Cozmicsoulfire Released through Tunecore
cd 2008 CSFdeepinnerMusic. (click on coverart to play in Spotify)
Thanks go out to Marius de Boer from Marista Records for co-mastering.
Poison includes the hitsongs :
“Woman …you drive me crazy” the l-word fanart video
was played over 350.000 times on youtube
and won on the Sundance film festival as best foreign fan art video
“I got it bad” was number 1 in all genres on dutch top 100 on numberonemusic.com
other Poison hitsongs are “I don’t fall in love easy” and “Naked in hell”

Poison album was nr.1 in the RedSquareRadio chart in 2013

In September 2013 Cozmicsoulfire and her Poison album were artist of the month
on Elite365Radio.com part of the 365RadioNetwork
and in 2014 she got one of the late 365RadioNetworks VIP artists awards

“One man guerrilla” – Cozmicsoulfire
cd 2005 CSFdeepinnermusic
“We2are1” – Cozmicsoulfire
cd CSFdeepinnermusic & Ivo Keers and PNW Records 2003