Marianne singing They don’t care (about you) live on Noardewyn live at Omrop Fryslan tv

Rain, rain, rain pouring down on me live in Theater De Bres with Jean Bijker on keys.

#Cozmicsoulfire Marianne and Jean Bijker in concert You oughta know by Alanis Morrisette of #rock #pop #live in Theatre De Bres Leeuwarden 15 oktober 2016 live registration of the 1 half hour concert bringing the best Cozmicsoulfire songs from the Poison and So Gorgeous cd’s in crossover with some epic covers.
Marianne & Beerend Renze Zuidema live in Theatre De Bres in Leeuwarden 21 march 2015 playing semi acoustic : This is life song from the So Gorgeous album (spotify etc) lyrics and music written by Marianne Vedder.
Marianne en Beerend Rense Zuidema rehearsal
Naked in Hell on 2 guitars
Live on Benefiet 058 and more Playlist
Cozmicsoulfire performing live on Fifteenminutes 3 june 2011 at Scooters,Leeuwarden singing I don’t fall in love easy,You&me and Woman…You drive me crazy taken from Poison album and So Gorgeous Album on Spotify etc.
Cozmicsoulfire band live video Led Zep’s Whole lotta love: Marianne Vedder vocals Wiro Jacobs on bass and vocals Ron Wellerdieck on guitar, Anthony Schol on drums and filmshoot by Yvonne van Rijswijk
Gonna be a long, long long time track from the Poison cd (spotify etc) by Cozmicsoulfire band
Marianne Vedder vocals, Wiro Jacobs on Bass, Ron Wellerdieck on guitars, Anthony Schol on drums.

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